Team Spotlight Playlist: Three

You guessed it ... our Friday playlist is back ... on a Friday ... SURPRISE!! But you know what isn't repetitive? Our picks for this week.  Check them out below!


Nakamara - Hiatus Kaiyote

I first heard about this artist from a recommendation from my friend. I instantly fell in love with their soulful, full, and groovy sound. I realized that Drake sampled them in his song, "Free Smoke: from his most recent album while listening to Haitus Kaiyote's songs! Carissa Estilo


Touch - Shura

This was one of those rare finds i happened upon on Soundcloud 2 years ago before Shura's music was even available for purchase/download anywhere else. It came up as suggested and it instantly became one of my favorite songs. Last year Shura opened for M83 and the rest is basically history! This one's on the playlist this week in honor of the fact that I can now listen to it is as much as I want on Spotify! Tanya Gupta


Brazil - Declan McKenna

Declan McKenna won Glastonbury festival's Emerging Talent award with this song back in 2015, and has been writing fantastic, often politically charged indie songs ever sine. Despite being just 18, McKenna's songwriting skills surpass many already. I'm excited to see where his career goes in future! Quinn Roberston


Avant Gardener - Courtney Barnett

Reminiscent of work by one of my other faves, CAKE, is deadpan yet witty in a spoken-word half-poem-half-song. A perfect soundtrack to a much-needed "me-day," the entire album "A Sea of Split Peas" is a worthwhile listen if you like one wordplay with your acoustic rock-pop. Jo Dimatteo


Undertow - Dan Auerbach

I discovered this song and ultimately Dan Auerbach walking through a record shop last weekend with my sister. I heard the instrumentals through the speakers of the shop and was immediately hooked. Side Note: Apparently snapchat has a feature similar to Shazam because my sister figured out the song name for me. P.S. Dan Auerbach used to be apart of the Black Keys, another reason for you to listen to this song.  Laura Ahmetaj