Team Spotlight Playlist: Four

15 Step - Radio Head

I first got really into Radiohead when I was about 13. Before that point, I've always heard of the band but never really delved into their music. This might be kind of embarrassing, but I sort of "discovered" their music from the twilight soundtrack. All of their movie soundtracks are kind of AMAZING, so everyone should take a listen, even if they think sparkling vampires are dumb. Carissa Estilo


Sweep Me Off My Feet - Pod

Just discovered Pond, Tame Impala's side project. Enough said.  Quinn Robertson


Take Off Your Sunglasses - Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

Bob-Dylanesque and angsty, Ezra Furman's voice is both unsettling and captivating in this upbeat jam. I fell in love with their quirky, slightly antiestablishment lyricism, so U guarantee you will at least crack a smile if you're not a moneybags one-percenter. Jo Dimatteo


Live in this Moment - Kakou

I found this song on my discovery weekly playlist last week on Spotify ... it think? I haven't not had it on repeat since I found it. You need to listen to it for yourself.  The lyrics aren't anything groundbreaking but the sound does all of the work for this song. I was upset to see that this is their only song on Spotify because this vibe is everything!!! Laura Ahmetaj


Burn Out Blues - Vince Staples

I first discovered Washed Out because they made the theme song for the show Portlandia, and I've been following their stuff ever since. Their newest album was just released, and I've had this on repeat for days! Tanya Gupta