Team Spotlight Playlist: Two

The Curtain Call team is back with another weekly spotlight playlist. Get to know us a bit better and see what songs we have on repeat at the moment. Let us know what song you have had on repeat and maybe we will feature you on next weeks playlist!


Concrete & Clay  - Unit 42

I took a film class my senior year of high school, and we watched ‘Rushmore’ by Wes Anderson. It was one of my favorite films, mostly because of the movie soundtrack, and this is one of my favorite songs from the album. Carissa Estilo


Pork Soda – Glass Animals

Glass Animals is my favorite band at the moment, and their “How to Be A Human Being” has a really interesting sound. Their music is like a magical symphony to the senses. Am I being dramatic? Probably. Just listen to them, trust me. Tanya Gupta


Third of May / Ōdaigahara

Third of May was released as a single a few months ago, teasing the long awaited studio albumCrack-Up from Fleet Foxes, notably marking the end of a four year hiatus. The song’s imagery, calling upon the Goya painting from which the name is drawn, is as fascinating as it is poignant – and of course, all such messages are cushioned in a blend of lush acoustic melodies only Fleet Foxes could deliver. Jo Dimatteo


Rich Friends – Portugal. The Man

In the endless search for 2017’s summer anthem, I came across Rich Friends after seeing them live at Terminal 5. It’s on their new album, Woodstock, which was released June 16th. Curtain Call could also use some really, really rich friends – and by that, I mean investors ;). Quinn Robertson


She's Moving On - Cape Lion

I don't know what she's moving on from but this song makes me wish I was moving on so I could sing this song out on the top of my lungs with some purpose - between you and me I still do. The unique instrumentals on this track got me hooked! Would rate: 10/10. Laura Ahmetaj