Curtain Call Team Spotlight Playlist: One

Hello, World!

Curtain Call is presenting you with yet another weekly playlist. This playlist will occur every Friday and will contain a song suggested by each Curtain Call Team member and why they chose it. We are looking forward to sharing our music with you and hopefully you'll get to learn a little more about the team. Let us know what you think about our picks and which ones were your favorite!


Melt Tonight  - The Oracles

I love a good retro sound, especially when a modern band produces something new with that familiar old-timey vibe. Melt Tonight (and the Oracles’ music in general) does exactly that. ~*Tip*~: Check out the music Video. Trippy as hell.  Tanya Gupta


I Cut Like a Buffalo – The Dead Weather

I don’t know exactly what it means to “cut like a buffalo,” but for me, that’s all the more to love this funky jam. Nonsense holds a special place in my heart, having grown up on Zappa, The Beatles, and maybe too much Spongebob, being able to experience wonderment – at its root, a feeling of not knowing what is happening in front of you – is one of my favorite things in life, and this song really speaks to that.  Jo Dimatteo


Navajo - Masego

I saw a video on Facebook of Masego and FKJ at Red Bull Studios in Paris improving a song together and I was blown away. I’ve heard some of Masego’s songs before so I decided to check more of his stuff out, and I have been playing this funky and chill single nonstop!! Carissa Estilo


Legend Has It – Run the Jewels

I saw RTJ live at Terminal 5 a few months ago, and this was definitely a standout song. The energy at their show is amazing. This song was recently featured in the trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther! Quinn Roberston


Oceans Away – A R I Z O N A

I discovered A R I Z O N A sometime in January when I heard their song Cross My Mind. I was scrolling through Spotify when I found Ocean’s Away. It’s the perfect song to go for a drive on a Summer Night. It gives off a chill vibe and having the windows down doesn’t hurt either. Laura Ahmetaj